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Add Pacemaker to your OKR organisation to establish state of the art standards in your process.
Automate your OKR process
OKR pacemaker takes the overhead of planning, scheduling and supervision off of you by automating and standardizing the basic processes and steps in the OKR cycle.
Tell OKR pacemaker how often you want to create, check-in and review your OKRs and get rich agendas with valuable tips for your meetings as well as automated schedules to invite your team mates.
Let pacemaker do the annoying work of making sure the team members contributed their updates for the check-in. Delegate the supervision of the check-in for more mature teams.
Let OKR pacemaker onboard new team members with OKR background and tailored information about your process.

Supported by modern e-learning, your employees are up to date with the latest and stay motivated
OKR Master in your pocket
With pacemaker, you have your personalized OKR Master always at your fingertips.

No matter if you are responsible to drive your OKR processes or if you are a team member participating in the process, pacemaker is the tool of your choice.
Your Process
Choose the pace of your OKR cycle and checkin frequency.
Decide if and how to integrate in the communication tool landscape (Slack, Gsuite, etc)
Team Members
Let pacemaker know about the team members
Automatically reminders and supervision of own and delegated duties.
Retrospectives are essential for a successful OKR process. Collect constant feedback to continuously improve.
Regular training helps team members to stay motivated and up to date with the state of the art
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The Key to success with OKRs
OKRs are powerful, but there are pitfalls.

4 out of 5 times, the implementation of OKRs fails. Maximize your chance of success by following these simple tipps
Establish dedicated roles and responsibilities and get the buy-in of the whole team
Constant education and motivation is important to keep the motor going, especially in the first year
Never skip the OKR retros, they are a powerful tool for joint learning along the process
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